The Lulu Top is like your oversized tee but better. This semi-sheer cotton top is comfy without sacrificing style. It features a rich pattern along the bottom hem, inspired by Ethiopian textile design

Lulu Top

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Swap your oversized tee for this semi-sheer cotton top that features a bold patterned hem with a rich sheen--a design inspired by Habesha Kemis, the traditional dress for Ethiopian women.

About the Maker: Menby Design
Founded by Menbere Alemayehu, a native of Ethiopia committed to preserving traditional Ethiopian hand-weaving and hand-embroidery by introducing the techniques into pieces for the contemporary home and closet. Menby is dedicated to the economical empowerment of Ethiopian women through skills training and employment.

Style Details: 

  • 100% Cotton
  • Semi sheer 
  • Made in Ethiopia
  • Menby Design

One size fits all