Our Why

The vibrant cultural heritage of Ethiopia is woven into the very fabric of who we are. We work hand in hand with women business owners and local artisans to create beautiful, timeless pieces for your home and wardrobe through traditional Ethiopian handcrafted techniques. At the heart of ShopYego, our mission is to support and uplift these artisans, their craft, and their journey towards financial independence so they can in turn, enrich and inspire their community for a more equitable future.
Preserving Ethiopian Craft
Every piece–from our habesha kemis to our gabis–is meticulously crafted using traditional Ethiopian techniques, passed down through generations. By working with local artisans that specialize in the time-honored practices of cotton weaving and leather making, we hope to bridge the gap between the past and the present, to connect cultures, and to illuminate the beautiful craftsmanship that is ingrained in our brand. Each piece is not merely a fashion statement, but an artifact of the cultural tapestry and heritage of Ethiopia that has endured for centuries.
Uplifting Artisans
Collaborating with local artisans in Ethiopia is at the helm of our brand. Through our partnerships, we strive to create pathways towards self-sufficiency and financial independence. We believe that when they are given the tools and resources they need, they can transform their lives and the well-being of their community. When you shop with us, you are playing a vital role in the livelihood of these remarkable people, helping them achieve a brighter future for them, their families, and their community.

Sustainably Made to Look Good & Feel Good
We are committed to creating a sustainable future. Our materials are carefully sourced, emphasizing eco-friendly practices and supporting local communities. Our leather goods are crafted with scraps that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. By choosing sustainable practices, we minimize our impact on the environment and contribute to the preservation of our planet's resources. We believe that conscious consumption can make a positive difference, and we invite you to join us on this journey.
Explore our collection and become a part of a meaningful movement that values heritage, creativity, and the power of conscious choices.


Do good, feel good, look good.